Tiffany & Co. continues to experience exciting growth as a high-style global fashion icon with a reputation for the finest jewelry and accessory items. Our brand is an international hallmark of quality, and our careers are no exception.

All Tiffany employees share a number of attributes that are required for success within our organization. These include a passion for the details of styling and an understanding of the art of gift gifting, along with a dynamic service-driven personality that enables relationships of lasting value.

Working at Tiffany is a chance to share a luxury retail experience in an atmosphere that conveys the specialness of each customer interaction and purchase. It is unlike any other environment you’ve encountered in your career; a place where talented and diverse professionals are committed to enriching our future and preserving our legacy.

Whatever your position is, you will have the opportunity to develop
your skills, further your career and achieve your goals for
a future wrapped in a tradition of excellence.