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Tiffany & Co. — Love What You Do

Text: Love What You Do.

An exterior view of Tiffany store at night lapses into daylight view.

Text: In 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany opened a shop in New York City with a vision of presenting the public with extraordinary jewels never before seen.

A yellow octagonal jewel lined with diamonds on a ring. A woman puts on a golden bracelet. She brushes her hair, grabs her purse and jacket, and walks down the street to the Tiffany store.

Text: Around the world, our 12,000 plus employees simply love what they do.

An employee looks into a jewelry case in store and a male customer tries on cuff links.

The employee smiles and puts a box with the cuff links into a light blue Tiffany bag.

Close view of a diamond necklace.

Aerial view of Big Ben and Parliament.

An employee helps two women try on earrings.

The employee puts a box with the earrings into a light blue Tiffany bag and shakes hands with the smiling customers.

Text: Over 300 retail locations worldwide.

Exterior views of Tiffany stores in various cities around the world.

Close view of a yellow gem with diamond backing.

Text: Our best in class sales professionals embody the Tiffany brand in each and every customer interaction.

An employee presents a diamond necklace to a customer.

Text: In addition to retail sales, we have a variety of opportunities throughout our organization.

Text: Design.

An employee presents a prototype necklace.

Text: Manufacturing.



A woman smiles.

Text: Finance.

Human Resources.

Information Technology.


A man points at architectural drafts.

Text: Security.

Distribution. A woman in a factory smiles.

Text: Are You Ready to Love What You Do?

Employees and customers talk and smile.

Text: www. Tiffanycareers.com. Apply today.

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