The operations function at Tiffany & Co. is integral to our ability to provide the quality and confidence of “The Tiffany Experience.” Every beautiful Blue Box is the result of a carefully orchestrated team of experts with the knowledge and skill to deliver on our brand promise. Excellence is crafted into each step of the process, from quality assurance to after-sales relationship building. Join us now to add your special touch.


For generations, Tiffany has been known for delivering a luxurious after-sales experience to customers around the globe. It is our responsibility to confirm that every aspect of our brand promise is fulfilled for each product we sell. When you join us as an after-sales service professional, you’ll work in an innovative environment in state-of-the-art facilities that inspire excellence in all we do.

  • Repair Jeweler
  • Watchmaker
  • Silversmith
  • Hand Engraving

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Supply management is responsible for fostering successful global vendor relationships, while also maintaining a socially responsible supply chain of we can be proud. We strive meet customer needs and exceed expectations through global strategic procurement and continuous analysis of vendor capabilities and cost effectiveness.

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Tiffany offers state-of-the-art climate-controlled Distribution Center focused on employee safety, process excellence and energy efficiency. You will have the tools you need to work safely within an innovative, planet-friendly environment featuring solar power, energy recovery units and LED lighting. If you thrive on the challenges of a warehouse setting, we invite you to join us now.

  • Coordinator/Supervisor
  • Dock Processor
  • Forklift Operator
  • Material Handler
  • Outbound Processer
  • Packer
  • Hand Engraving

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Our Contact Center houses the sales and service talent that helps to provide “The Tiffany Experience” by developing strong customer relationships in support of all business channels. We ensure a consistently superior experience by hiring highly skilled customer care representatives equipped with the information, knowledge and technology to add value to each interaction.

  • Assistant Manager
  • Quality Monitoring Analyst
  • Sales & Service Professional
  • Trainer

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Our diligent and well-trained security team is committed to protecting our employees, customers, assets and our brand. Careers are available within our luxurious retail locations, as well as behind the scenes.

  • Security Officer
  • Security Technology & Systems Specialist
  • Supervisor
  • Trademark Enforcement

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The Tiffany name is synonymous with excellence in all we do. The work of our quality management team helps to ensure that our global customers enjoy superior service and fine quality, defect-free products of enduring value.

  • Assistant Manager
  • Chemist
  • Gemologist
  • Inspector
  • Quality Analyst & Engineer

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