What is the Tiffany Academy for Excellence and Diversity in Retail Leadership?

The Tiffany Academy for Excellence and Diversity in Retail Leadership is an exciting program for early to mid-career high-potential professionals who want to join the next generation of retail leaders at Tiffany & Co. The 18-month rotational program provides an immersive development experience to help you learn the intricacies of the business, build a network of advocates, and grow a successful career with Tiffany.

What can I expect to gain as a Tiffany Academy Associate?

As a Tiffany Academy Associate, you will learn the key aspects of operating and leading within a global luxury company and gain critical leadership experiences that will stimulate your professional and personal growth at Tiffany. Through the 18-month program, you’ll create and lead teams, provide solutions to in-store challenges, manage cross-functional projects, plan critical sales events, represent a global luxury brand externally, refine the art of client relationship management, and influence business strategy.

What’s the purpose of the rotations?

The Tiffany Academy rotations provide future leaders with a holistic understanding of the business and exposure to cross-functional career paths. Each six-month rotation delivers opportunities that challenge you to think strategically, collaborate across the organization, and develop others with similar and different backgrounds and perspectives. Together, these rotations provide the building blocks for a long-term career at Tiffany.

What will I learn during the retail rotation?

During your retail rotations, you will join a store management team where you will have the opportunity to lead and develop a team of sales professionals, manage sales activities, support seasonal recruitment, and make recommendations to strategically impact performance and results. During your first retail rotation, you will also lead  an important project that will elevate Tiffany’s in-store experience and present your work to senior management. From your first day on, you will solve problems, support the growth of others, learn the heart of our business, and represent our legendary brand.

What will I learn during the corporate rotation?

The corporate rotation will support your understanding of Tiffany’s core business by providing broader perspectives on luxury retail and the customer experience. During this rotation, you will be immersed in activities that support our retail business success, such as replenishment and assortment planning, and category marketing. Your contributions to your team will enable Tiffany to more effectively interpret consumer insights, authentically engage with customers, and tell our brand story.

What training will be provided to ensure success in each rotation?

Before the first and second rotations, formal training will be provided to support Academy Associates in performing their expected roles and responsibilities. This includes learning necessary systems, tools, processes and protocol. In addition, you will have access to in-depth professional and personal development training and resources by industry professionals. Rotation supervisors will also provide customized on-the-job training for each rotation.

What level of exposure will I have to Tiffany & Co. leadership?

Championed by senior leaders throughout the organization, the Tiffany Academy for Excellence and Diversity in Retail Leadership is a high-profile retail leadership program with tremendous emphasis on personal development and career growth. You’ll begin your journey with an already established support network including a direct manager and coach, peer coaches in each rotation, rotation supervisors and a senior-level mentor. These valuable resources will provide you with customized support throughout the 18-month program, and ongoing support throughout your career with Tiffany.

Why Tiffany & Co.?

When you join Tiffany & Co., you’ll immediately understand the sense of pride we all share for the Tiffany brand and heritage. We cultivate a culture that rewards bold thinking, rejects egos, embraces diversity in all its forms, and upholds the highest ethical standards.

What can I expect after the Tiffany Academy?

After successful completion of the program, our team will support you as you explore open positions in your designated track. High performing candidates in retail will be eligible to apply for retail manager roles in one of our stores, which are amongst the most important jobs in our organization. High performing candidates hired into corporate business areas will explore roles such as Senior Analysts in Merchandising, Finance, or other corporate functions.

As you grow your career with Tiffany, you will find that your path can be as unique as you are. You are empowered to design and navigate a path that is both professionally fulfilling and personally rewarding.

What are you looking for in a Tiffany Academy Associate?

Being a retail leader at Tiffany requires flexibility, agility, integrity, strategic thinking, and the courage to take risks to improve results. The ideal Tiffany Academy Associate possesses all of these qualities in addition to a positive attitude, customer-focused mentality, insatiable curiosity, and a strong desire to work in a retail store environment. Furthermore, as a company that embraces difference, we seek individuals who value different perspectives and backgrounds, and are eager to contribute to and manage diverse teams.

Will the Tiffany Academy sponsor me for a work visa?

No, the Tiffany Academy does not provide sponsorship for work visas at this time. You must be authorized to work in the U.S. throughout the duration of the program.