Tiffany Academy Rotations

The rotations provide future leaders with a holistic understanding of the business by offering exposure to cross-functional teams. Each rotation delivers opportunities that challenge you to think strategically, collaborate across the organization, and develop others with similar and different backgrounds and perspectives.

As an Academy Associate, your first rotation will start at one of our retail locations in the New York or New Jersey metro area. The second rotation will be in one of our corporate functions. The third rotation will be specific to your track in either Retail Management, Merchandising, or Finance.

“The retail management experience is probably the most long-term,
impactful part of this program. If you are vested in the retail industry, there is nothing that could replace gaining first-hand experience on the floor.”

– Academy Associate

First Rotation

At Tiffany, retail management experience is highly valued and critical to be a successful leader in the organization. As a customer-centric organization, we believe it is crucial for you to understand our retail business and how it is constantly evolving.

During your retail rotation, you will join a store management team where you will have the opportunity to lead and develop a team of sales professionals, manage sales activities, support seasonal recruitment, and make recommendations to strategically impact performance and results. During your first retail rotation, you will be tasked with leading a project to elevate Tiffany’s in-store experience and will present your work to senior management. As an Academy Associate, you will solve complex problems, support the growth of others, learn the heart of our business, and represent our legendary brand.

Second Rotation

The second rotation will be in a corporate function at the Tiffany headquarters in New York City or the Retail Service Center in New Jersey.  During this rotation, you will be immersed in activities that support our retail business success. The purpose of the corporate rotation is to develop broader perspectives in luxury retail and the customer experience to support your understanding of Tiffany’s core business. Your contributions to your team will enable Tiffany to more effectively interpret consumer insights, authentically engage with customers, and tell our brand story.

Third Rotation

The third rotation will be specific to your track in either Retail Management, Merchandising, or Finance. Placement can happen at any point throughout the program.

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