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Tiffany employees are empowered to bring their unique strengths and talents to work at Tiffany & Co. We want our employees and customers to feel valued and experience a sense of belonging in the organization, and we strongly believe our business benefits from the opportunities presented by diverse perspectives and experiences.

Our more than 14,000 employees are located in 35 countries and speak over than 60 different languages. Women represent approximately 60% of our management population. And in the United States, more than 50% of our employees are from a diverse ethnic background. We are committed to valuing our diversity of gender, ethnicity, experience and background.


  • We have signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles advancing our commitment to women’s rights and human rights.
  • We offer comprehensive global leave programs for parents and families as well as a global flexible work program for all employees.
  • We participate in The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) Corporate Equality Index — a distinguished U.S. survey on corporate policies and practices related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) employees. HRC has awarded our company the distinction as one of the “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality” for our efforts to foster a diverse, engaging and inclusive work environment for LGBTQ employees.
  • We celebrate our diverse workforce through activities that celebrate the heritage of our people, such as employee events for Lunar New Year, Pride Month, International Women’s Day and other national and local celebrations.
  • We provide employees with similar interests and backgrounds an opportunity to engage more deeply with one another and share ideas openly to help influence the business.
  • We partner with best in class experts to provide unconscious bias training. Understanding our natural biases and discovering strategies to mitigate those tendencies both promote a more inclusive and collaborative work environment.

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